World of Warplanes Beta Launches on May 31st

on May 22, 2012 10:30 AM

The Alpha for World of Warplanes has been a stunning success for and things are only going to get better as they enter the Closed Beta section of testing for the game on May 31st. As of right now there aren’t any more details than that available though we’ll surely here some more concrete information in the coming days.

Since the launch of the Alpha for the game on February 23rd they’ve received over 600,000 invite requests to check out the game in its current stage. Project Manager Alex Zezulin had this to say:

“We are happy to announce the next big day for World of Warplanes. Thanks to our alpha testers, the game looks better and better every day, and we hope beta test participants will contribute as much to World of Warplanes development.”

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