World of Warplanes Takes Us to Flight School

World of Warplanes Takes Us to Flight School

Welcome back to flight school my air aficionados. Wargaming has released its second tutorial trailer of World of Warplanes exposing us players to the ins and outs of becoming a skilled pilot. This week’s lesson focuses on the types of planes we will be seeing in the game and their role in a group.

World of Warplanes’ arsenal is separated by attack, light, heavy, and carrier planes such as:

  • Light fighters will race through the skies  with the ability of  high maneuverability but sadly with reduced combat power.
  • Attack fighters have  strong armor and weapons (including a rear gunner) but are mainly used for strafing ground targets.
  • Heavy fighters are tougher than light ones and able to dogfight while being able to carry bombs and rockets. Carrier fighters have abilities  of both light and heavy fighters and offer a flexible style of play.

Pretty cool and on the plus side you will save thousands of dollars in aviation school by watching the trailer below.

World of Warplanes is is currently in open beta testing and will release on PC at a later date.