World War II Squad Based Shooter Enlisted Announced for PC

World War II Squad Based Shooter Enlisted Announced for PC

Today, Gaijin Entertainment, publisher best known for War Thunder, announced Enlisted, a new squad based World War II multiplayer shooter for PC, in development by Darkflow Software.

Beginning today (December 12th), players can purchase the games first two “massive” campaigns, collectively or individually. Additionally, weapon packs and early access to the upcoming closed beta (which will launch sometime in the second half of 2017) can be purchased. For $50 USD you receive access to the closed beta, both campaigns, and three weapons. Depending on what weapon you choose, you can get one campaign and a weapon for anywhere between $20 – $25.  Lastly, the weapons can be purchased by themselves anywhere from $6.99 to $11.99 depending on which you pick.

As mentioned above, the game in its early access phase will only offer two campaigns — the Battle of Moscow and the Battle of Normandy. Each campaign will offer multiple phases in the famous battles, as well as specific characters and weapons that are historically accurate. It will also come with different game modes, however, what these game modes are, was not divulged.

Built using Gaijin Entertainment’s proprietary Dagor Engine, Enlisted will feature large scale battles with a 100 combatants spread over a massive and richly detailed battlefield complete with destructible landscapes.

Alexander Nagorny, producer at Darkflow Software, accompanied the announcement with the following:

“Enlisted is an ambitious undertaking, unlike any game we have ever created. It will be a first person shooter decided by the fans, for the fans. They will have direct input into what we create, including things like campaigns, game modes, even which platforms after PC we will support.”

Gaijin Entertainment further. revealed that it will reinvest all proceeds from Enlisted into developing additional maps, game modes and console versions.

Specifically, the plan is to start developing the African campaign once Enlisted generates $250K in sales. From there, more campaigns and new gameplay features, which will be chosen by players via some online voting system, will go into development upon the completion of each development goal. At the $1m USD mark, consoles versions will go into development. What consoles specifically, was not revealed, but it’s safe to assume what is meant is PS4 and Xbox One.

Lastly, a new teaser trailer, as well as the game’s first screenshots were released. You can check both forms of media below: