Sleeper Hit World War Z Updated to Include Tokyo Mission, Private Lobbies, and New Zombie Type

World War Z for PC, PS4, and Xbox One has been updated to feature new content like a Tokyo mission and quality of life improvements like private lobbies.

Saber Interactive and Focus Home Interactive’s World War Z game has quickly hit sleeper hit status by achieving nearly 2 million in sales. Today, the first major update since that announcement came. Titled The Undead Sea, this update brings quite a lot, including a new mission, private lobbies, a new zombie type, and more, to World War Z.

The brand new mission within The Undead Sea takes place on a Ferry in Tokyo. Described as “one of the game’s most intense challenges yet” by the developers, the goal is to navigate both the decks and tight hallways of this ferry to survive the massive waves of zombies attacking. In terms of other content, a new zombie type will also show up now. These zombies actually vomit acid like the Boomer from Left for Dead and actually have to be killed properly if you want to disappear completely. These zombies definitely seem like they will make matches a lot more tense as they can’t be quickly disposed of like the rest of the horde.

World War Z has also received quite a few updates on the technical side of things with The Undead Sea, which should please those who play the game online. The ability to switch classes between deaths in PvPvZ has finally been added, as have private lobbies. If you picked World War Z up on PC via the Epic Games Store, you finally have the ability to adjust the level of detail and field of view.

While The Undead Sea brings a ton of changes, it will not be the last major update for World War Z. Future updates are planned and will bring a higher difficulty setting, a wave based survival mode, a weekly challenge mode, and other unspecified tweaks. While the developers are clearly supporting World War Z as a “game as a service” title, it is nice to see that they are doing it for free and are bringing needed technical improvements to the game that improve it as well.

You can check out a trailer highlighting the new content below, World War Z is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One and can be picked up on Amazon.

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