Worlds Adrift is a Multiplayer Physics Game Being Developed by Bossa Studios and Improbable

Worlds Adrift is a Multiplayer Physics Game Being Developed by Bossa Studios and Improbable

Bossa Studios, best known for zany physics-based games Surgeon Simulator 2013 and I am Bread, are working with developer Improbably to create Worlds Adrift.

In an new video released on Bossa Studios’ YouTube page, gamer-in-chief Henrique Olifiers teased Worlds Adrift with some brief gameplay footage showing players swinging around the environment like Spider-man using a rope-based item and building large airships similar to Guns of Icarus. It looks interesting in concept, even if it is essentially a tech demo full of place holder art in its present form.

On the Worlds Adrift website, Olifiers gave some more information about the game and their desire to create a physics-based mutliplayer game, citing the lack of physical interactions in games like deathmatch arena games or MMORPGs. Olifiers wrote the following:

Think about it: from deathmatch arenas to MMORPGs, you don’t really play with physics. There’s no throwing a player against another to have both falling to the ground; no chopping down a tree to squash a passing-by creature; no having vehicles crash into parts that fly away and hit everyone around. No crumbling buildings with dangerous debris, no explosions throwing people in different directions… These kind of things don’t exist on multiplayer games, your sword barely grazes your enemies when rampaging through a dungeon with friends.

So we set our minds to try to crack this problem and see if we could somehow change the status quo. To our surprise, the fellows at Improbable had a few ideas on how to do it, and ever since we’ve been trying our hand at it. This is where ‘Worlds Adrift’ comes from: our desire to make something new and take it as far as we’re able to.

You can currently sign up for Worlds Adrift‘s newsletter on their official website, with more details about the project set to be released in January 2015 with the launch of the game’s forums. There currently is no time frame set for World Adrift‘s release.