World’s End Harem Anime Delayed, What Happened, Official Statement

What happened to the World’s End Harem TV anime?

By Iyane Agossah

October 8, 2021

The Twitter account for World’s End Harem announced on October 8 that the anime has been delayed, postponing the show at the last minute, here’s what happened.

The World’s End Harem anime Twitter account shared a new statement alongside the delay news, explaining that while episode 1 passed examination and will be aired on October 8 as a special, episode 2 and the rest of the series still needs to be examined.

World End Harem | Official Trailer

World End Harem | Official Trailer

Why the World’s End Harem anime was delayed to January 2022

We translated the World’s End Harem delay statement: “Thank you for supporting World’s End Harem. Since it is necessary to submit the episode production of World’s End Harem to careful examination, episode 2 and subsequent episodes, initially scheduled for October 15 and beyond, were postponed to January 2022. The series was delayed by one cour. We sincerely apologize to those who were looking forward to it.”

In a follow-up tweet, the staff added: “We will still air the first episode on October 8 as a pre-air special on TOKYO MX, BS Fuji, AT-X. We’ll inform you as soon as possible when a new release date for the anime is decided. We hope to fully display the charm of the series, so please continue to support us.”

I already explained everything you need to know about World’s End Harem in a past story including why a censored version and an uncensored version were announced.

You could definitely think up some conspiracy theories on how the anime was delayed and censored due to its risque content. However, it’s very likely it’s encountering heavy production issues. The reason why episode 2 and the rest of the series didn’t finish being examined yet must be because the episodes aren’t even finished yet in the first place.

I’m sure you’re aware of how bad the state of the anime industry is in Japan, and the pandemic only accentuated these problems; World’s End Harem is far from being the first anime series to be delayed like that these past two years, and it definitely won’t be the last. You can always ask me more about Japanese stuff on Twitter @A_iyane07.

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