World's End Harem TV Anime Uncensored Version Announced by AT-X

How lewd is the World's End Harem series, and what will be changing in the AT-X and possible Crunchyroll uncensored version of the anime?

By Iyane Agossah

September 7, 2021

The official Twitter account for the World’s End Harem TV series announced the anime will start airing on October 8 – Moreover, TV channel AT-X also announced it will air an uncensored version of the episodes.

When it comes to Ecchi anime series like World’s End Harem, AT-X regularly broadcasts uncensored versions of the episodes. To say it bluntly, it means nipples will be shown. Crunchyroll will be handling the Simulcast of World’s End Harem outside Japan.

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World End Harem | Official Trailer

World End Harem | Official Trailer

Why is World’s End Harem getting an uncensored version and how far the series goes?

Usually, with these types of series, Crunchyroll also proposes the uncensored version. Sometimes, studios, directors, or production committees, still end up censoring the AT-X “uncensored” version to a degree. As an incentive to make fans buy Bluray versions, which are even more uncensored.

However, in case you don’t know, TV anime series, “uncensored “or not, never go further than showing nipples. You can’t go further unless it’s an hentai series, which are directly disc-released. Sometimes some series do get hentai versions, but with a completely different cast of seiyuu voicing the characters.

World’s End Harem is initially a manga written by LINK and illustrated by Koutaro Shouno. It launched in 2016 in Shueisha’s Shounen Jump + app. The series takes place in 2045, where due to a mysterious virus, all men died or were put in cryogenic sleep. The series follows the story of a handful of men immune to the virus. While some indulge in their lust to repopulate Earth, Reito Mizuhara, the main protagonist, hopes to find a cure for the “Man Killer Virus”.

The original World’s End Harem manga shows the bare chests of several characters in the uncensored volume releases. It also includes several sex scenes, making it a pretty borderline series. The inclusion of an uncensored version for the anime means it’ll be pretty close to the manga.

More about World’s End Harem

There are several spinoffs to the series. First is World’s End Harem Fantasia, which does not feature a world where human males are extinct, but a fantasy world. The story follows a country’s young lord who ends up using a mysterious power to make up a harem of powerful female warriors. That one has pretty much the same amount of sex scenes as the original. World’s End Harem Fantasia isn’t particularly noteworthy and it’s a typical Naroukei series, the genre which most recent Isekai shows are part of.

However, there’s a second spinoff, World’s End Harem Britannia Lumière, which features a female protagonist sent to a world where all women were put under a curse. That one is overall much more interesting. Beware however that while it’s not as lewd as the other series, it still deals with pretty heavy themes. The three series are written by the same author, LINK.

On September 25, a YouTube pre-screening of World’s End Harem will also happen, alongside a talk show with the cast.

Are you planning to check out World’s End Harem? Which anime are you planning to watch in this Fall 2021 season? You can always reach me on Twitter @A_iyane07 for a chat.

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