World's Largest Army is Where?

With more than 8 million virtual warriors active in Modern Warfare 2’s first five days, Activision now boasts that they have the world’s largest virtual army. This vast number doesn’t really mean much until its compared to some of the world’s largest military forces.

The MW2 virtual army has:

– More than twice the amount of troops in NATO’s 28 member countries combined (3.9 million active troops in NATO)

– More than three times the number of troops in the world’s largest army (People’s Liberation Army of China with 2.3 million)

– More than five times the number of active duty military personnel serving in the United States Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps combined (1.4 million personnel)

– More than six times the size of India’s Armed Forces (1.3 million)

– More than seven times the size of North Korea’s Korean People’s Army  of 1.1 million troops

– And, eight times the size of personnel in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation (1 million)

Although there is a vast number difference between the virtual army and real world forces, the MW2 virtual army morale is still low because the “real world forces have better graphics.”

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