Worms W.M.D Gets Free New Update That Brings a New Mode; New Trailer Released

A new update is available today for Worms W.M.D. The new update is a free content update that brings a new mode, new weapon and new customization rewards.

on May 8, 2017 1:29 PM

Team 17 announced today that a new content update has been released for free for its strategy action game Worms W.M.D. The free update is available today on PC with a PS4 and Xbox One version of the update coming in the very near future. In addition to the new update, we also received a new trailer showcasing the new mode, which can be seen below.

The new update brings a new mode to Worms W.M.D dubbed ‘Forts Mode’. In this new mode, players must defend their fort while trying to take out the enemies fort in a no holds bared warfare. The update also brings 6 brand new forts, new customization rewards, a new crafted weapon, and various bug fixes and tweaks.

Here is a full breakdown of the Forts update, courtesy of Team 17:

Forts Mode Update Notes

This free update brings with it a new, fan favourite game mode that pits you, your Fort (and your allies) against a rival Fort in a tactical game of attack, defence and sweet grenade throws.

Choose one of 6 unique animated Forts, customise it with your preferred tactical upgrade consisting of either:

  • Static Gun
  • Sentry Gun
  • Magnet
  • Health Crate
  • Craft Crate

Then finally give your Fort that personal touch with a flag that’s decorated with your Steam profile picture. (This is automatically applied to the Fort)

You’re now ready to take to battlefield and fight to be the Forts Mode Master!

Oh and Forts Mode will now pop up in Ranked Mode, so prepare to add a few new chapters to your big book of Wormy tactics.

6 Brand New Forts

  • Castle Hassle
  • Donkey Dig
  • Reactor
  • Haunted
  • Pink Peril
  • Rocket

New customisation rewards – Unlock 3 new hats and 3 new Gravestones for your Worms by being victorious in Forts Mode!

Brand new crafted weapon – The ‘Magnetised Drone’ designed by Survii Gecko.

This brand new, community designed crafting upgrade gives the Mischievous Drone a new, offensive/defensive twist. You can choose to deploy this weapon with either a repel or attract magnet mode, thus allowing you to move mines around the map and either carry or push them into enemy Worms. You can also ‘land’ the Drone and it’ll become a stationary magnet in the location it comes to rest.

Bug Fixes and Tweaks
  • Altered the ingredients of the Party Balloon from 4/2/0/0 to 4/2/1/0
  • Made improvements to the dialog boxes which now displays buttons when saving changes
  • Fixed an issue after dropping the Super Sheep and allowing retreat time to end
  • Fixed an issue whereby pressing [A] to save changes to a name on controller wouldn’t save correctly
  • Fixed and issue when dealing final damage to a vehicle with a blowtorch could cause it to blow up before the turn ends
  • Fixed an issue where placing a sticky grenade could push it through the landscape
  • Fixed an issue which could trigger the wrong speechbank sample when dealing heavy damage
  • Fixed an issue where the ready button wouldn’t reset after player leaves a lobby
  • Fixed an issue which could cause players to get stuck on the loading screen following disconnection
  • Fixed an issue which caused the camera to jump to a different worm during damage summary
  • Fixed an issue which would prevent the ‘Overall Friends’ filter to load properly
  • Fixed an issue which prevented animated elements spawning when restarting a match
  • Fixed an issue which could create broken lobbies from the Browse Game list
  • Fixed an issue which would cause Worm Lick bomblets to clip through crates
  • Fixed an issue which caused weapon icons to overlap parts of the pause menu
  • Fixed an issue whereby the damage on the worm wouldn’t appear after using a Mounted Gun
  • Fixed an issue which prevented turn handover when using the Mech
  • Fixed an issue which allowed too many schemes to be created
  • Fixed an issue to the behaviour of the camera in Navigation Training
  • Fixed an issue which caused the Mech to spawn into Enemy at the Crates incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue which allowed further use of the Newbie Rope after hitting a wall
  • Fixed an issue whereby dismantling a weapon could remove additional ammo of that weapon
  • Fixed an issue which prevented the game from being paused when controls were unbound
  • Fixed an issue which allowed worm to be damaged from Worm Stinger whilst in a safe location
  • Fixed an issue which occasionally gave the incorrect number of ingredients when dismantling
  • Fixed an issue to the text box when changing themes
  • Fixed an issue to the worm animations after falling onto the land
  • Fixed an issue with the dropdown boxes in the frontend
  • Fixed an issue which could prevent the cancel button from working when syncing to Steam Workshop
  • Fixed an issue whereby the worms names could be seen floating during an Airstrike
  • Fixed an issue which caused the Sheep on a Rope to spin on the spot when entering a vehicle
  • Fixed an issue where the Training Shotgun could cause 26 damage
  • Fixed a crash which could occur if the Steam Workshop list hadn’t fully synced when entering a match from the mid round lobby
  • Fixed an issue which could cause the Barbequed Sheeps flames to appear in the wrong location
  • Fixed an issue in the Editor when using long names
  • Fixed an issue to the Worm Lick after firing it into the water which prevented the next use of the weapon to not work correctly
  • Fixed an issue with the Worm Stinger which could prevent the turn passing over when middle payload was in the water
  • Fixed an issue which could allow the AI to see inside buildings
  • Fixed an issue which prevented dealing damage to a vehicle with a Blowtorch when stood above it
  • Improve functionality of the AI when teleporting above crates
  • Fuse Previous is now exposed in the key bindings
  • Improved the flow of dialogues in the frontend
  • Made some tweaks to the behaviour of the splash particles on the Drillboat
  • Increased the background tint for resolutions larger than 16:9
  • Clicking anywhere on the chat panel will now focus on the text entry field
  • Push To Talk can now be defined on gamepad
  • Team health bars can now be toggled on and off by pressing the equals key
  • Girders can now be placed in destroyed building locations
  • Parachutes can now be alt-equipped from the Ninja Rope
  • Made tweaks to the behaviour of the helicopter when dealing the final damage with a Blowtorch
  • Damage values are now set to a minimum of 1 when using vehicles

Worms W.M.D is currently available for PS4, PC and Xbox One.

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