Woven Looks Adorable and will be Launching This Month

Woven Looks Adorable and will be Launching This Month

Woven will be stitched up and ready to launch later this month.

As the cold nights draw closer and colder, wrapping up warm and snuggling up to your stuffed teddies will become commonplace. However, in Woven, those stuffed teddies might be a bit preoccupied as far as the game is concerned. Today, PR Hound —also behind point-and-click title Nairi: Tower of Shirin— announced that the title will be launching this month.

The point-and-click title from Alterego Games will find players jumping into an adorable looking world as they take control of Glitch, a robotic firefly who acts as a cursor throughout the game. The story finds Glitch meeting a stuffed teddy elephant named, rather aptly, Stuffy.

Stuffy can be customized by editing up his body parts, which in turn helps the two overcome puzzles throughout the world. All while facing a metal mechanical menace that sits under the fluffy world you wander. Together you’ll discover Glitch’s origin and learn what’s binding the duo together.

Creative director, Vincent da Silva says

“The team and I have worked for years to create something unique, yet appealing, that invites players to explore and question the world we’ve created. It is an incredible milestone on our studio’s journey to create more colourful and engaging games”

Woven’s story is filled with rhymes told by a grumpy storyteller and brings a dynamic soundtrack from composer Vortigon to help the world come alive. The world itself is 3D and allows players to explore at their own pace.

As players progress through Woven, they’ll be finding blueprints for different animal types which can be scanned and then used to allow players to customize Stuffy’s limbs. There are 20 blueprints to discover. Players will be able to choose whether to have Stuffy as part cat, part donkey, etc. They’re also able to choose from over 150 colors, with each limb allowing three different colors.

One of the developers at Alterego Games discovered there are over 5153632 combinations available for Stuffy.

You’ll be able to find the gameplay video that was released last month above which shows off what you can expect in terms of gameplay and customization options.

Woven will be launching on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch on November 15.