WoW April Fools Day 2021 - Patch, Bengal Tiger, Redeemed Sylvanas

Learn about WoW's April Fools jokes.

April 1st is here and with it comes pranks – some extremely hilarious and some outright outrageous. WoW has had many quality April Fools jokes over the years, and 2021 isn’t any different.

These WoW April Fools jokes are pretty intriguing for some and pretty devastating for others. But, they make for a good laugh nevertheless!

Read more to find out the funniest WoW April Fools jokes by popular contributors to the game and Blizzard themselves.

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Blizzard’s WoW April Fools – Patch

Blizzard doesn’t exactly shy away from WoW April Fools jokes and this year it is no different. They’ve apparently ‘leaked’ a draft of Patch and it has the community in splits.

For example, they mention that War Machine has finally stopped blaming itself for what happened to Tony, a classic Avengers reference. They also talk about a new profession titled ‘Wand Vision’, another reference to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Twitter users especially loved how they mention that Mage doesn’t need any changes.

Community WoW April Fools – Undermine

Arthur Lorenz, better known as handclaw in the WoW community, is responsible for many racial-based armor sets found in the game. He pitched his idea of a ‘WoW: Undermine‘ expansion. Undermine is an underground city located on the small island Kezan in the southern seas of Azeroth near the Maelstrom.

He formulates a hilarious quest titled ‘The Return of Gallywix’ which a few Twitter users even comment as something worth playing. He jokes about a new continent, a new heroic class called the Tinker, and an inventive Bestiary. Check it all out in this thread below.

Mythical Bengal Tiger Mount

This one caught many people off-guard. Posted by Redditor Kruithne, the thread is titled “NEW SECRET FOUND! The mythical Bengal Tiger mount”. This mount was available in the Alpha but never made it to the game until a couple of years ago. The interesting story behind this mount is that it isn’t actually available in the game, but one lucky player actually received it as a part of his ‘Make a Wish to Blizzard’.

However, many players to wish to play it, and Kruithne certainly gave hope to many hearts by posting this image on Reddit. Until the same people saw the date and time to have their hearts crushed.

Redeemed Sylvanas

This WoW April Fools joke was probably the most brutal of the lot.

Sylvanas has been upto quite a lot in the past few storylines. Apart from burning down the World Tree and setting fire to the Horde, she also opened up the portal to the Shadowlands. Hence, the idea that a ‘Redeemed Sylvanas’ could ever be a part of the game was either extremely appalling for her haters or extremely delightful for her fans. But for both, it was equally shocking.

This is why people figured that it was a WoW April Fools joke rather quickly!

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Dungeon Mount Drops In Great Vault

Posted on Reddit by Grayvves, this one fooled quite a few. Dungeon Mounts are quite the valuable possession in WoW, and a Redditor posting about how it dropped in his Great Vault is certainly worth finding out about.

Fans clicked on such an interesting discovery, only to later realize the date and time. All we can do is hope they got a good chuckle out of it!

We’ll keep this post up to date with all of the latest WOW April Fools Pranks!

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