WoW Developers Flirted With Idea of Console Port

WoW Developers Flirted With Idea of Console Port

Although its unlikely we will see a World of Warcraft port ever to consoles, developers from Blizzard have at least entertained the notion at some point. In an interview with, WoW game director Tom Chilton and art director Chris Robinson talk about how they have considered porting the MMORPG to consoles, especially considering that the audience is becoming increasingly casual as other more competitive MMO’s saturate the market.

In response to whether the development team have ever considered putting the game on consoles, Chilton said the following:

“I mean, if it made sense to do that then we would definitely consider it. We have in the past looked into ‘well, what would it be like if we tried to put WoW on a console?'”

However, the game isn’t ideal without a keyboard, he explained: “You can play it on a gamepad, [although] it’s not a great experience and especially when it comes to chat. WoW is a very social game there is a lot of chat interaction, and that’s really awkward on a console without a keyboard.”

While I’m not much of an MMO player myself, I agree with Chilton that in its current state, the transition would be way too awkward. However, the future always holds uncertain things and really, stranger things have happened.

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