WoW Finally Gets Faction Changes

WoW Finally Gets Faction Changes

There are times, especially in the last year or so before I quit playing WoW, when I wished I could swap my druid’s faction from horde to alliance only to play with my brother (he played an alliance druid on another server).  I loved my Tauren druid.  Out of all the characters I played, he was my favorite.  But, I would probably have swapped factions to play with some friends and family of mine.  Unfortunately, faction changes weren’t available back then, but now they are!

As usual, you access the faction change service through the “Account Management” page of the World of Warcraft site.  If you want to swap your Blood Elf for a Draenei its going to cost you 30 gold…er, $30US.  Most of us might prefer it was 30 gold, right?

What will this mean for the game?  Well, faction imbalances are a fact of life in WoW, but the commotion surrounding that seemed to die down in the months leading up to the last expansion release and now nearly a year into the fight against the Lich King.  I don’t really see it being that big of an issue and, if there’s some steep imbalances going on on select servers, I suppose Blizzard could lock out players creating new characters of a certain faction on that server.

Overall, I believe this is a good thing, this faction change service.  It allows players more freedom, more choices and more opportunities to play with the people they want.  For all the details on the service, check out Blizzard’s FAQ on the subject.

One response to “WoW Finally Gets Faction Changes”

  1. Al Zamora says:

    This is pretty damn cool. I have always been strictly horde but perhaps now I will hit up some Alliance? Too bad $30 does not let you change your class as well.

    LOL @ 30 gold, that would be nice