Wrestlers to NOT Appear in the Upcoming WWE ’12

Wrestlers to NOT Appear in the Upcoming WWE ’12

In the hunt to figure out who will be the mystery wrestler to be included in this year’s WWE game, WWE ’12, three wrestlers have been confirmed to NOT be included in the game. THQ Tank has confirmed that Jeff Hardy, Scott Hall, and Sean Waltman will not be making appearances in the game as playable characters.

The exclusion of Jeff Hardy comes at no surprise. Besides being a part of the roster of main WWE competition, TNA, the legal turmoil Jeff Hardy has been facing as of late is something I’m sure the WWE would not like to be associated with in any way, shape or form.

For Scott Hall, aside from not being involved with the WWE in almost a decade, the legal troubles Scott “Razor Ramon” Hall should have also been a no-brainer as to why he will not be a part of WWE ’12.

Sean Waltman, best known as X-Pac, had the most reasonable chance to appear in WWE ’12. Waltman appeared earlier this year at the WWE Hall of Fame and the recent reappearances of pals such as Triple H and Kevin Nash on WWE TV would have helped his case too.

Unfortunately, none of these three WWE fan favorites will be making it into the WWE ’12 roster, and this leaves us still wondering who the mystery wrestler will be. My guess is as good as yours.