WTF? MLB 2K10 For Three Dollars Today

By Yaris Gutierrez

April 5, 2010

There’s no typo in that headline. To celebrate the opening day for Major League Baseball, retailer GameStop is offering the PC download-only version of MLB 2K10 for a bewildering and bizarre price of $3 – insane, I know. Only if other games had somewhat of the same deal going on.

Three bucks for a next-generation title is damn good, I say. Hell, even if you don’t like sports games you should just get it so you can brag and say that you purchased a “new” game for three dollars. If you’re speculating the controller thing on the PC, worry not. You won’t have to be bashing your keyboard or slamming your mouse because the game is compatible with the Xbox 360 controller, in case you want that console-comforting feeling when you’re playing the PC version of this game. While most of our writers here prefer MLB The Show [*cough* Joel *cough*] – which is the better baseball game, realistically – you’re not going to get The Show for no $3. So, take the $3 you were going to spend on Twinkies and Donut sticks and do yourself the favor of picking up this really affordable PC game. Am I getting it? Absolutely not. What are you guys going to do?

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