Wubby Banned by Twitch Once Again Probably for Spitting

Wubby Banned by Twitch Once Again Probably for Spitting

PaymoneyWubby banned once again by Twitch after his latest stream on February 11.

Despite all the competition going on between YouTube Gaming, Facebook Gaming, and Twitch, Amazon’s streaming platform is still the most populated one among all the other competitors. However, as it grows and turns into a mega platform withing the gaming community, it seems some unwritten rules are also being added by Amazon as well. It’s been a while now that Twitch bans some streamers every now and then without any clear reason or explanation. Several months ago, Dr.Disrespect banned by Twitch without receiving any reasonable explanation, and recently, Wubby banned by Twitch for the fourth time.

Of course, Wubby’s ban cannot be compared to that of Dr.Disrespect as Wubby has already been banned three times in Twitch prior to his latest ban. However, it’s still unknown what’s the reason behind his new ban. But, after Wubby banned, he pointed out hilariously on a recent tweet to a spitting scene from him in his latest stream that led to his suspension from the Amazon’s streaming platform.

Nobody knows how long will it take to see PaymoneyWubby back on the streaming platform once again as Twitch has not declared his suspension period so far. It’s the fourth time that this popular streamer receives suspension on Twitch and it’s yet to be seen whether he would consider trying out a new platform like YouTube or Facebook, or will still remain loyal to Twitch despite al the bans he has already received.

Looking back at the streamers previous bans, he was suspended usually suspended for one of five days before, and it seems the latest ban shouldn’t prevent him from streaming more than a week unless Twitch considers a bigger punishment to force him avoid violating the platforms rules.

Twitch is currently one of the easiest streaming platforms to use that is also available on Sony and Xbox consoles as well as PCs.