WWE '12 Predicts Championship Results for Survivor Series

The 25th anniversary of WWE’s Survivor Series pay-per-view is coming up, and it takes place this weekend in Madison Square Garden. There are big matches scheduled this Sunday and they include three championship matches. Who knows who will win these matches, but we have the next closest thing: WWE ’12. WWE ’12 is the closest thing to simulating what will happen, so I think it’s time to figure out what the game says will be the results for the WWE Championship, World Heavyweight Championship and Divas Championship matches.

First up we will find out who wins the Divas Championship; ladies first, right? We have here competing in a singles match for the coveted title Eve Torres and the defending champion Beth Phoenix. WWE ’12 says…Eve Torres wins and becomes the new Divas Champion!  This would make it the third Divas title win for Eve Torres.

The next match on the card is Mark Henry vs. The Big Show for the World Heavyweight Championship. These are two big dudes fighting for one of the most respected titles in the WWE. Mark Henry, the champ defends his title against “the world’s largest athlete” The Big Show. WWE ’12 says…The Big Show will win after a huge chokeslam. This would be Big Show’s first world title reign since 2002 (we’re not going to count the ECW title). History could be made this Sunday.

And last but not least we have CM Punk taking on the champion, Alberto Del Rio. The WWE Championship is on the line, and both men are multiple world title holders. Who will come out on top? WWE ’12 says…CM Punk wins the match and takes home the WWE Championship belt. Punk has already won the WWE title once and also became the Undisputed WWE Champion after defeating John Cena at this year’s Summerslam. Punk winning this match would be a huge accomplishment after all that he has already done this year.

As a bonus, since Zack Ryder, “The Long Island Iced Z” has been rallying for a United States championship match, I’ve decided to simulate that match too, just in case it does happen. So for the results of the Zack Ryder vs. United States Champion Dolph Ziggler match, WWE ’12 says…Dolph Ziggler will retain the title. I guess it won’t be a party in the L.I. “Woo Woo Woo You Know It!”

There you have it, the most accurate predictions for all the title matches for this Sunday have been made. Will the results made in the WWE ’12 videogame reflect what will happen in real life this Sunday? We will find out soon enough. Remember WWE ’12 releases next week on November 22.

François Chang

Working on the DualShockers staff as both an editor and community manager since late 2009, François is absolutely no stranger to the videogame industry. He is a graduate from the City College of New York, and has his Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations and Advertising. His next step is to obtain his Master's degree at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism. Before starting his career, François has been gaming since the age of 2 with Super Mario World, and he has never looked back since. Gaming may be his profession, but it has always been his passion.

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