WWE 2K17 Features Revealed, Including Additions and Improvements

WWE 2K17 Features Revealed, Including Additions and Improvements

In the run up to WWE 2K17‘s release in under two months time, 2K Games has published a post giving a brief summary of improvements in the new game. 2K Games has confirmed this across several features of the game including creation, customization, gameplay, presentation and more.

In relation to gameplay, 2K has explained that fans have been requesting improvements to core gameplay which the company has implemented, stating:

“We’ve shifted the gameplay experience focus from an arcade-centric, fighting game style to simulation-based gameplay. We also greatly improved the responsiveness of gameplay while also updating game systems like Ladders, Taunts and a new secondary submission system. As always, we added thousands of new animations into WWE 2K17, so there is a lot of new gameplay for everyone to discover and enjoy.”

2K has also said they have enhanced the creation element of the game, as well as added a new feature that allows players to record highlights from matches:

“We added many more parts, more adjustment options and elements like body hair, all of which add to the game’s massive set of customization options. We also added a full Highlight Replay system, which allows players to record video highlights from their matches. We also deepened the Create a Show feature and added a brand new Create a Victory feature to ensure everyone can create the most comprehensive WWE experience possible”

Another key feature of the game, MyCareer, is also getting an upgrade. WWE 2K17 now uses the Promo Engine which allows players to call out or respond to other WWE superstars:

“Now more than ever, how a player competes, reacts, what is said and even what attire is worn can make a difference in a Superstar’s journey through the WWE.  At some point, players are also likely to come face to face with Brock Lesnar and his advocate, Paul Heyman.  What happens when confronted by this imposing duo will greatly shape a player’s future career growth in WWE.”

In the post, 2K are eager to emphasize that the improvements mentioned so far are only a “select list” and there is more to discuss as the release date creeps closer. WWE 2K17 will release for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One on October 11.