WWE 2K19 Brings Back Showcase Mode Featuring Daniel Bryan

WWE 2K19 Brings Back Showcase Mode Featuring Daniel Bryan

The 2K Showcase mode returns in WWE 2K19. And YES, it does feature 11 historic matches from WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan.

Today, 2K Games announced WWE 2K19 will see the return of the 2K Showcase mode and will feature the fan-favorite WWE Superstar, Daniel Bryan.

The story-driven mode, titled The Return of Daniel Bryan, will go through some of the most historic moments from Bryan’s career. The showcase will feature a total of 12 matches, one of which is a “surprise,” each with its own variation of the wrestler.

The different character models of Bryan are not just skins either; each variation will have its own taunts and moveset from its respective era. This goes as far as is 2003 appearance at Velocity where he wrestled John Cena under his real name, Bryan Danielson. In the 2K interview with the 2K Showcase Design Team at Visual Concepts, the last match will be his return match from WrestleMania 34.

Bridging the gap between the matches will be interview scenes featuring Bryan as he discusses his career. Visual Concepts got some help from the WWE production team to create something similar to a documentary you might find on the WWE Network. The 2K Showcase will also feature 20 video cutscenes, eight new entrances, and 11 new victory scenes; four of the entrances and six of the victory scenes are Bryan’s.

For those not familiar with Bryan, he is one of the most popular WWE Superstars of all time; you may know him from his “yes chants.” However, his career was seemingly cut short after announcing his retirement in 2016 due to head injuries. Later that year, he came back to SmackDown Live as the brand’s General Manager. After a little over a year, Bryan announced he was cleared to wrestle and he would be back in the ring. In fact, he will be wrestling The Miz at SummerSlam this weekend.

WWE 2K19 will launch for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on October 9, 2018. However, if you purchase the Deluxe Edition or the recently announced Wooooo! Edition, you’ll get access to the game on October 5, 2018.