WWE 2K20 Reintroduces Online Lobbies and Details New MyPlayer Changes

WWE 2K20 sees the return of online lobbies, along with several updates to the MyPlayer mode.

WWE 2K20 is the latest wrestling game from 2K and Visual Concepts. The team recently replaced longtime developer Yuke’s, who is now working on their own, non-WWE, wrestling title. With a new studio heading up development (though Visual Concepts certainly helped with past entries), there is some hope that 2K20 can iron out some of the kinks that have plagued the series of late. Today, 2K announced a few new and returning features coming to this year’s release.

Online lobbies have been in the game in the past but weren’t around last year. Now, they’re back, and matching up with players should be much easier now. You can create a lobby with several different options or jump into a public lobby if you’re less picky about the match types. There will also be the option to keep your lobby private, making sure you and your friends aren’t invaded by some random gamer. It’s something that probably shouldn’t have gone away in the first place but is great to see back in the game.

2K also announced some changes for MyPlayer. Notably, anything you unlock as you move through the different MyPlayer modes will now be available to use in Create-a-Superstar. The various MyPlayer modes (Road to Glory, MyPlayer Towers, etc.) will also have new match challenges that get refreshed daily. These will give you new matches to test yourself against every day as you improve your Superstar.

WWE 2K20 hurricanranas it’s way on to PC, PS4, and Xbox One on October 22.

Ricky Frech

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