WWE 2K20 is Crashing Now That It’s 2020

WWE 2K20 is Crashing Now That It’s 2020

WWE 2K20 could not handle the transition to a new decade and is now crashing and unplayable across PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

UPDATE: According to the 2K Support Twitter account, the WWE 2K20 2020 crashing issue has been resolved. As long as you exit the game and download the latest patch, it should work for you.

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WWE 2K20 contained a myriad of glitches at launch and while it’s not completely devoid of problems, it has been patched quite a bit. The new year seems like a great time to forget about last year’s bad games and look forward to upcoming heavy hitters like Final Fantasy VII Remake, Cyberpunk 2077, and Doom Eternal; unfortunately, WWE 2K20 won’t let us do that.

As was reported by VGC and confirmed by a variety of other users online, WWE 2K20 is crashing now that it’s 2020. That’s pretty sad as the year 2020 is referenced right in the title. As soon as players try to load a game mode in 2020, it crashes to the home screen, leaving WWE 2K20 unplayable. As no patch to solve this issue has been released at the time of this writing, the only workaround is to change your platform’s internal clock back to 2019. Even though PS4 and PC players can do this easily, Xbox One users can’t change the date and are stuck with an unplayable game. We will keep you updated if 2K and Visual Concepts solve this 2020 crashing problem.

This issue is emblematic of just how broken and rushed WWE 2K20 is. The split from Yuke’s was clearly not a smooth one, but Visual Concepts definitely has not proved that they have the chops to create good wrestling games on their own yet. I recently played WWE 2K20 for the first time with Senior Staff Writer Michael Ruiz and was shocked by the bugs we ran into and the fact that it just wasn’t fun to play. 2K’s WWE franchise definitely needs a lot of work going forward if it wants to escape this rut.

The video below by Smacktalks shows footage of the problem as well as how to solve it. This is usually the part of a post where I’d put an affiliate link for the game, but I’ll spare you the experience of playing WWE 2K20. Here’s a link to buy a Baby Yoda Funko Pop! instead.

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