WWE 2K21 Reportedly Canceled, Next Iteration Won't Be on Next-Gen

According to former WWE games writer Justin Leeper, 2K Games and Visual Concepts will not release WWE 2K21 this year in favor of a new project.

If you were looking forward to 2K Games’ annual wrestling game release, you may want to take a seat. WWE 2K21 is reportedly canceled.

In a video published by former WWE games writer Justin Leeper (via, according to “reliable sources,” there will not be a WWE 2K21 game this year. He also gives some speculation as to why this year’s iteration was canceled, mostly alluding to 2K Games and Yuke’s split last year and the current pandemic.

Leeper also points out that WWE 2K announcements typically fall during Wrestlemania weekend. Whether it be a trailer or an announcement, there is usually a reveal for 2K Games’ next wrestling game. There was no such reveal during the event that was “too big for just one night.”

Despite canceling WWE 2K21, Leeper also mentions that there will be a different WWE game published by 2K. “I have heard, also, that there is another WWE game coming this year,” says Leeper. “That 2K is publishing a different kind of WWE game from a different kind of game developer that’s not Visual Concepts.”

He also says that he would say more about the supposed new WWE game project, but he probably “pissed off a lot of people at 2K” and he doesn’t want to anger marketing people.

Leeper also states that if a WWE 2K22 were to release, it would not be on next-gen hardware. It would release for PS4, Xbox One, and “probably” PC.

Personally, I think taking a year off the WWE 2K franchise can be good for both Visual Concepts and the consumers. It allows the studio to actually get acquainted with working on this series alone and hopefully make a decent product. Anything better than WWE 2K20 would probably make consumers happy.

If you really want to play WWE 2K20, it is available now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. If you want to see what we think, you can check out our review.

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