WWE 2K22 Reveals Legendary Cover Star Alongside Official Release Date

The global icon is set to grace the cover of WWE 2K22.

January 20, 2022

WWE 2K is back again after a year and a half hiatus and things “Hit Different” this time around and they have enlisted a fan-favorite WWE veteran and star to be on the cover of the returning WWE 2K22.

The release of WWE 2K22 is fast approaching, with 2K finally announcing officially that it will be releasing on March 11, 2022 complete with a redesigned game engine and new game modes that are looking to put the sins of the past in the rearview mirror.

When trying to make their comeback with WWE 2K22, 2K wanted to find just the right kind of superstar to help promote it and they decided to go with globally recognized icon Rey Mysterio.

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Who Is Rey Mysterio?

If you know anything at all about WWE or professional wrestling as a whole, you know who Rey Mysterio is by this point.

First making his professional wrestling debut back in 1989 at only the age of 14 on the independent circuit, Mysterio really rose to fame in the mid-90s on WCW where he really brought lucha libre wrestling into the mainstream in the US for the first time.

This style led to cruiserweight divisions across different brands, which is still around today. Needless to say, Rey Mysterio really needs no introduction, as he’s been one of the most influential wrestlers over the last 25+ years.

Rey Mysterio Honored By Being Cover Star of WWE 2K22

As we learned in the first reveal trailer for WWE 2K22, Rey Mysterio is the star of the game’s returning Showcase Mode that has focused on wrestlers like former WWE star Daniel Bryan in the past.

Showcase Mode features a documentary style setup where Mysterio will talk about his life as lead-ins to various matches from his storied career. This is why it’s not that big of a surprise to also see him as the cover star on the game as well, with the game already having a major focus on him.

With the announcement of Mysterio as the cover star, 2K gave media a chance to talk to him to see what he thought about this honor.

Mysterio stated that he sees this as an “incredible moment” to be able to represent not only the culture of lucha libre, but also Latinos now and those in the future by being on the cover of the game.

There was no way that discussion about his son Dominik wouldn’t pop up. This is one of the more unique scenarios in WWE, as Dominik was the center of a “custody battle” storyline with the late and great Eddie Guerrero back when he was a child, but now he’s in WWE with his father as Tag Team Champions.

When asked how being named cover star compares to the other moments and accolades in his career, Mysterio said that “every moment or every accolade in his career has a different meaning.”

He continues to say that he is often asked how his World Championship title win at WrestleMania compares to his Tag Team Championship with his son, which he also says are different. “I’ve enjoyed every moment that I’ve had in the ring from my beginning in ’89 up until now, 2022,” said Mysterio.

When asked what moment he is most excited to bring to life in the game’s Showcase mode, Mysterio said it’s definitely the WrestleMania Goes Hollywood moment at WrestleMania 21 when he faced off against Eddie Guerrero. He also mentions that another special moment coming out of that was when he faced HBK in a memorable show in honor of Guerrero’s passing not long after. Mysterio continued with Undertaker and a laundry list of other matches that he can’t wait to relive in the game.

One of the brand new modes in the game is Factions that allows you to build a four person faction in the game, so of course Mysterio was asked who he would like to have in his own faction in the game. For this, he brought up the likes of Damien Priest, Angel Garza, and Humberto Carrillo for more modern wrestlers, but also classics like Mr. Perfect, Macho Man Randy Savage, and Bam Bam Bigelow.

Similarly, he was asked who he would like to wrestle in a Tag Team match against Dominik and himself, in which he brought up Garza and Carrillo again, as well as Ricochet and whoever he would be teaming up with.

WWE 2K22 is also set to bring MyGM to the game after years of fan requests, so Mysterio was also asked who would be his first draft pick when playing that mode, in which he responded Brock Lesnar. He also mentioned that he really loved Teddy Long and would like to run the brand of his choice like he did as GM.

Needless to say, Rey Mysterio is very excited to be such a big part of the upcoming WWE 2K22 as cover star and the focus of Showcase Mode, which is set to launch on March 11 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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