WWE Kicks Off New Superstar Gaming Series on December 29

WWE Kicks Off New Superstar Gaming Series on December 29

The WWE kicks off its first-ever Superstar Gaming Series. Hosted by Greg Miller and Xavier Woods, it pits stars against each other in Among Us and more.

Over the past few years, the wrestling giant that is the WWE has steadily become a home for gamers. The rise is mostly due to the force of will that is Xavier Woods’ UpUpDownDown YouTube channel, but several other Superstars have joined in on the fun. And now, it appears that the company might be looking to dive even deeper into gaming. Tomorrow, the first Superstar Gaming Series will launch on the WWE Network and the company’s social platforms. It’s bringing together quite a few celebrities from both wrestling and video games.

Like any good WWE show, it starts off with a probably too-long pre-show. However, instead of listening to Booker T and Jerry Lawler talking about the latest Shucky Ducky Quack Quack, fans will be treated to a UpUpDownDown marathon. No word yet on exactly which series they’ll toss on there, but they have five hours. Surely, we’ll get most of the good stuff.

Once the show proper starts, fans will get to watch both an Among Us “Holiday Sus-Fest” and a series of matches in WWE 2K Battlegrounds. Surprisingly, Greg Miller from Kinda Funny Games is joining Woods as the host of the event. Fans can expect to see stars like Ronda Rousey and The Miz alongside celebrities like FaZe Adapt and Wale.

What isn’t immediately clear is if this is a one-off event or something the company will make into a regular thing. Over the last few months, Vince McMahon has really cracked down on their roster of Superstars using services like Twitch. The move has caused a ton of pushback from both the wrestlers and the fans. If they plan to replace that content and revenue stream with this, the move starts to make more sense. I mean, I still personally think it’s a mistake on the WWE’s part, but you can see why McMahon would want his wrestlers on his platform.

Either way, it’s sure to be a fun night for WWE fans. The Among Us stream, in particular, should be a good time. And, it might be worth watching the Battlegrounds stuff just to see people pretend to like that terrible game.