WWE Legends vs. Superstars Video Game on the Way?

WWE Legends vs. Superstars Video Game on the Way?


WWE Hall of Fame commentator Jim Ross has revealed through his blog that THQ has a new game on the way. He reveals that the game’s premise will be along the lines of a Legends vs. Superstars concept. Jim Ross states in his blog the following:

It looks like WWE has lined up a really cool, THQ video game for me to work on and that I will likely be broadcasting along side the King in the game where Legends compete with active Superstars. I’m not sure of the release date or the creative details, etc but the concept, as explained to me, was really cool. I hope to begin my voice overs in the next week or two. We’re burning daylight on this one and need to get rocking. I’m ready!

This sounds similar to last year’s WWE Legends of Wrestlemania, which had the ability to have current superstars imported from WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2009. I guess this time it’ll be all packaged into one title.