WWE Series Rebranded Under 2K Sports Label

WWE Series Rebranded Under 2K Sports Label


The WWE wrestling games–developed by Yukes and previously published by THQ–have since been purchased by 2K games, the publisher brand behind the very popular 2K Sports series. With this in mind, the next game is set to be released not as WWE ’14, but as WWE 2K14. Developer Visual Concepts will also be helping Yukes in refining the WWE brand with 2k14.

As reported by IGN, WWE executive VP of consumer products Casey Collins had this to say to ESPN:

“We looked at a lot of different leaders in the industry and talked to all of the big guys, and for us, we had been with THQ for so many years, it was nice to finally go out and date a few other companies and see what kind of thought process they had about the video game industry going forward… As we look at the next-gen systems coming out, whether that’s this holiday or next holiday, we want to make sure we align our property with who we thought would be a leader going forward on these next-gen systems.”

Collins added that they will be trying to meld the Yukes teams with the Visual Concepts team to get a new dynamic working between them, and something different to the franchise. The THQ Fight Team will also be brought over, reporting directly to Visual Concepts, and bringing their experience in marketing, development, and the franchise itself to the table.

How do you feel about these developments? Do you think the WWE brand can improve, or that it will change–for better or for worse–into something else entirely? Let us know in the comments below and stay tuned to DualShockers.com for more news.