WWE's Xavier Woods Discusses His GM Mode-Style Wrestling Mobile Game

It seems WWE's Xavier Woods will be making a GM Mode-style mobile game that will have microtransactions, but won't be pay to win.

It is no secret that Austin Creed, a.k.a. WWE’s Xavier Woods, is making his own video game. However, details on said game were pretty minimal… until now!

From Woods’ own Twitter thread, he had a question related to his mobile game, sharing some details on what that game actually it. It turns out it will be akin to the long gone, but not forgotten GM Mode from the old WWE games. However, as said in the post, it will not be licensed by the WWE, so wrestlers like Becky Lynch, Roman Reigns, or even Woods himself would not be featured.

His tweet, which you can see above, was a poll which read, “Update! So as of right now, the GM mode mobile game that I’m working on will unfortunately not be a WWE licensed game (meaning no WWE talent) – would you guys still want it?” As of this writing, there are still 3 hours left in the poll, but 79.9% said they still wanted it while 20.1% said they would pass on it. This is out of a total of 25,154 votes.

Mobile games do have a stigma of having atrocious microtransactions and paywalls that impede on progress made in the game. Woods also addresses these within the thread saying, “As of right now, money spent in the game would be for cosmetic purposes and new experiences (like new animations), but it would not be pay to win.” So, will there be microtransactions in Woods’ non-WWE GM mode-style video game? Of course. But will it be pay to win? The answer is a definite no.

It is pretty sad that Woods could not get permission to use the likenesses and names of WWE Superstars. GM Mode has been a pretty hot topic within the WWE 2K community as it is typically one of the most requested features. If Woods did get that license, it would be filling that void, and making a whole lot of WWE fans happy. On a personal level, I would totally play this game, even with a selection of fake wrestlers.

WWE’s Xavier Woods has mentioned that he has been interested in making mobile games for quite some time. When speaking to us at DualShockers, he said, “Right now, there’s just a bunch of stuff creatively that I kind of want to get out of my head, and put it into people’s hands.” It seems that those ideas are coming to fruition.

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