XBL Party Chat Might Be Blocked in MW2

on November 2, 2009 10:10 AM

Wasn’t it great during a couple of games of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare where you and your friends partied up via Xbox Live Party chat to shout out tactical commands (or cheat like a bunch of dirty bastards if you’re on opposing teams) in privacy without having to listen to the other douches talk crap or listening to your other teammate blast distracting music? I love talking smack, personally. So for me, this really didn’t matter. There’s nothing more satisfying than getting someone from the opposing team really pissed off. But, for those of you who enjoyed chatting just amongst your friends, you might get a bit disappointed with the news I’m about to lay on you.

It is being reported that Infinity Ward’s sequel, Modern Warfare 2 – due to hit store shelves next week, will be blocking Xbox 360 parties; which, in short, means that you and your friends will have to be on the same team to chat. The reason? Cheating, of course. It hasn’t been confirmed yet whether or not this will be mandatory across all multiplayer sessions, or if it will be an option that can be toggled for certain game types.

It’s a good move on Infinity Ward’s part, in believe. This will eliminate any and all attempts at cheating. It will actually make the game a co-operative, team-based experience rather than a douche-filled multiplayer game full of dudes trying to bring down a team for sheer entertainment or points. If you have an Xbox 360, chances are you probably have done this at least once or twice to either piss of your teammates, or to call out your team’s location to provide your friend’s team with kills and wins. Either way, Joel and I will be handing out asswhoopings when this game’s released. And we have a pretty long line looking for their share of ass kickings.

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