Xbox 360 Controller D-Pad Finally Redesigned

That headline is not a typo. This post goes out to all those brave left thumbs we’ve lost along the way. Thumbs who’s owners refused to purchase a fightpad (or stick) and instead decided to just push through it, no matter how thick and gross the callus got. This one is for you. No more having to fear playing fighting games on the 360.

Ok, on a serious note, earlier today Larry “Major Nelson” Hyrb posted on his blog a quick hands on video with the upcoming wireless controller as well as some fresh press shots to boot. Not only has the D-Pad been revamped, the color scheme has also gone a totally different direction from what we’ve all become used to for the last 5 years. Gone are the candy colored X, Y, A, and B buttons and in are 4 different shades of gray. At first it may say sound like it’s new look seems a bit boring but upon further investigation it’s actually pretty slick, and dare I say – industrial or Apple-esque?

The pad will cost you 65 greenbacks (with a packed-in Play and Charge kit) when it hits store shelves on November 9th. This leads one to believe that Microsoft is banking on gamers coming in for Black Ops and leaving the store with a brand new controller to go with it. Gamers in Europe can snag one of these later on in February. I’m wondering when the Slims will start getting this thrown into the box as well as what happens to those that ran out and bought the newer systems this summer. Hit the jump to check out the press shots as well as Major Nelson’s quick video tour.

[Major Nelson]

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