Xbox 360 FFXIII "Runs As Smooth" As PS3 Version

We all remember – during E3 2008 – when it was announced that Final Fantasy XIII was making its way to the Xbox 360, right? Of course we do. To Sony fans, this was like getting kicked in the nuts by Bahamut himself – and we all know how big that son of a bitch is.

For those of you who have been napping under a rock for the past two years, Final Fantasy XIII – which was just released solely on the PS3 on December in Japan – is making its way to both Xbox 360 and the PS3 over here on the West this March. We’re all familiar with how multi-platform games work. 99.9% of the time, the developer will choose between a specific console (usually the 360 or PS3) and use it as the “lead” platform to work off of during the development of a game.

Throughout this generation’s course of multi-platform titles, the 360 has been on as lead platform for the majority of the games. However, this time around, Square Enix went on to choose the PS3 as the lead platform for Final Fantasy XIII; simply because the game itself originated, and was designed, on Sony’s behemoth console.

While many Sony fanboys believe that because of the PS3’s “superior hardware,” the game will indeed run superiorly in contrast to the 360 version, this is definitely not the case. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, kiddies. But it seems that, according to 1Up,com who got first dibs on the 360 demo of Final Fantasy XIII, the game “runs just as smoothly on the 360 as it does on the PS3.”

It was…a pleasant surprise when I discovered FFXIII runs just as smoothly on 360 as it does on PS3. It’s a brisk, action-packed RPG with tons happening on the screen at any given time (and the series’ requisite flashy visuals cranked up to full throttle), yet I didn’t see a hint of slowdown or choppiness or screen tearing or any of the other visual hiccups that serve as hallmarks of a sloppy port. Admittedly, I didn’t see the two versions running side-by-side — the bus set them apart with a looping trailer dividing the kiosks — but I honestly saw no tangible difference from my time with the PS3 version.

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While the games weren’t running side-by-side for a thorough analysis, it seems that, as per, the games have no noticeable difference when played apart, which is an important observation. No screen tearing, choppiness, nothing that usually plagues the secondary development platform.

I’m pretty sure there will be some noticeable discrepancies between both games once they’re release, or at least fanboys will argue that there is. But it’s pretty awesome on Square Enix’s part to make sure that there isn’t any noticeable differences to the naked eye. Either way, the game looks amazing. Whether it’s on the Xbox 360 or the PS3, the game is going to truly be a great experience, as per reviews. Let’s just hope that it doesn’t turn out to a “it looks better on my console” war, which has been going on forever this generation.


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