Xbox 360 Holiday Bundles Now Shipping

Xbox 360 Holiday Bundles Now Shipping

So do you remember a few weeks back when we originally reported another 360 holiday bundle was on the way this year? So turns out Ars Technica’s Xbox 360 mole was absolutely right. And as far as the price goes, he hit the nail on the head with the $299 retail price. However another bundle (albeit a pretty cool one) did manage to fly under his radar and it’s their controller bundle, which includes a wireless black controller and 4 XBLA games. The Price? A cool $59.99. Not bad when you put them together. It means you can pick up an Xbox 360 elite, and an extra controller with 6 games total for under 400 bucks! Your move Sony!


4 responses to “Xbox 360 Holiday Bundles Now Shipping”

  1. gamer says:

    “Your move Sony”?

    this is GARBAGE

  2. Joel Taveras says:

    @ gamer

    I have to disagree, not because I wrote it but because this is a good value. MS is throwing in 2 good (not great) games for the same price. Every bundle that has been released in recent times that included AAA titles has always cost more than the regular SKU.

  3. Twinkling82 says:

    They could have been more… inventive. There isn’t really much hyper over either of these games, Bomberman might top.

    It’ still a good deal, but could have been better.

    And I’m a buit confused. The controller bundle is just a controller and games, or with a whole system? (check the price you wrote in it)

  4. j3wb0y says:

    I think its another solid good idea. I mean hell you are getting 2 games that are not terrible at all for the same price as the normal product. What more can you ask for seeing as they have to make sure the games are rated E or E10+…