Xbox 360 Installation of Grand Theft Auto V is Fixed Using a USB Flash Drive

on September 18, 2013 12:20 AM

You may have heard about how Rockstar came out with information about how you shouldn’t install Grand Theft Auto V onto your Xbox 360 hard drive in the past recent days. If you missed it, you can check out our article that we posted on this issue here. For those of you who may be experiencing the technical difficulties that have came out of the wood works when installing the game onto your console, there appears to be a solution to fix your issue. It’s sounds fairly easy too. All that you will need is a USB flash drive that is formatted to work with you Xbox 360 that has at least 8GB of storage space or an external hard drive with at least a 16GB storage capacity. If you plan on using a USB flash drive to install the Grand Theft Auto V onto, make sure that it is USB 2.0 compatible drive and that it has a 15mb/s speed read minimum.

The game is a two disc set. Disc 1 is used as a “one-time mandatory” installation and Disc 2 is used to play the game. Installing this data to a flash drive appears be solving some of the performance issues that some gamers have been facing, such as smoothing out textures and fixing lag problems.

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