Xbox 360 Outsold PS3, Wii for the First Time Since 2006 Last Year

on February 3, 2012 6:00 PM

Who had Xbox over PlayStation and Wii in 2011? Anyone? Well, it looks like Microsoft’s console overtook its two biggest competitors in sales last year, moving a whopping 14.9 million units during the calendar year. Sony came semi-close with 14.1 million PS3 units sold in the same period and Nintendo’s 10.33 million Wii sales rounds out the bottom.

This marks the first time the Xbox 360 outsold either of its competitors since 2006. To be fair, the PS3 and Wii launched in late November that year, so that should have been no contest.

In terms of all-time sales for this generation, both Microsoft and Sony have sold approximately two-thirds as many units as Nintendo with 66 million and 62 million apiece to The Big N’s 95 million, but this is still big news for the Xbox brand. And Don Mattrick totally told you so.

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