Xbox 360 Price Increase in Britain

Xbox 360 Price Increase in Britain

Well, there’s not much to say here as the title itself, basically, says anything that needs to be said.  Kind of funny, actually.  As the 360 prices continue to drop over here in the United States, consumers in Britain will have to endure a little something called “price increase.”  Now, if you ask me, it seems things – aside from toilets flushing the opposite way – are working a little backwards over there.

According to Eurogamer – who spoke with an independent retail chain source – Microsoft sent an email to stores this morning indicating that the recommended retail price of a single Xbox 360 Arcade unit will be raised from £130 to £160 (which equates to about $260 – a fifty dollar increase).  The Elite will also be getting an increase in price. However, the exact price has not been given as of yet.

If you think that’s harsh, you bastards have no idea.  Along with the price hike of the Xbox 360, consumers will have to cough up a couple of more pounds for first-party accessories and peripherals (which will only increase by one or two pounds).  This news might further satisfy the question lingering in the gaming community concerning the rumors of the Premium sku being discontinued.

Now, if this doesn’t start some sort of protest against Microsoft’s fairness, I don’t know what will.  Then again, the price hike was implemented to counteract the poor pound-to-Euro currency exchange rate.  Tut tut, Microsoft.

The Brits can expect this migration of the price increase to start September 1st.  So, those of you who are still speculating whether or not you should be getting yourself a 360 should probably make that decision a little faster.  September is right around the corner.


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