Xbox 360 Section 8 Update Is Live

If you have the Xbox 360 version of Section 8 and have been waiting for an update, today’s your day!  The game was patched today and that update took player feedback directly into consideration.  TimeGate, the developer, has improved many things about the title, with a focus on the massive battles, which they describe as “even more intense and more rewarding than before.”

Here’s a full list of the patch notes right from their site.

+ Automatch: several improvements to improve responsiveness and likelihood of finding a good match
+ Ranked Stats: fixed some issues with stats getting lost, new records now show at match end
+ Tank: Improved controls
+ Achievements: Fixed issues with not being awarded in certain situations
+ Projectiles: Improved behavior in high latency situations to be more reliable
+ AI: bots will now help defend human squadmates
+ Multiplayer: several improvements related to high latency situations

+ Heavy Tank controls were adjusted to make driving more intuitive. The main turret will now turn with the vehicle.
+ Modified vehicle FoV to show more of the vehicle’s exterior.
+ Fixed exiting vehicle sometimes placing characters inside of structures.
+ Removed an exploit that allowed users to increase the movement speed of vehicles by moving side to side.
+ Fixed a bug that would break the player’s health display if they died while piloting a Heavy Armor.
+ Tank corpses will no longer hover after they are destroyed.
+ Fixed situations where the Heavy Armor would display a knife kill icon instead of the fist icon.
+ Renamed Tank seat two to “Minigun.”

+ Fixed bug where client and server would get out of sync about the equipped gear
+ Fixed a bug where a player’s weapon could disappear after interrupting the set aside animation.
+ Fixed a bug where a player could lose the ability to switch weapons.
+ Fixed a bug where equipment would fail to function in high latency scenarios.
+ Fixed exploit which allowed using gear while sprinting.
+ Adjusted Friendly Fire Penalties for Weapons.
+ Shotgun in singleplayer gametypes will now have the same magazine size (7) as multiplayer gametypes
+ Slightly decreased the piercing damage dealt by the Machinegun’s rounds, and, the Assault Rifle’s piercing rounds. This does not affect the Assault Rifle’s non-piercing rounds.
+ Missiles will now detonate more consistently on a target in high latency situations.
+ Mortars will now split and detonate more consistently on a target in high latency situations’
+ Improved mortar targetting in certain situations.
+ Fixed the missile launcher’s animation pop when zooming out immediately after firing.
+ Microsensors and Det Packs will now remain deployed if a player switches to another loadout which contains the Microsensor or Det Packs.
+ Shotgun and Machine Gun descriptions now indicate which feats they contribute to.
+ Fixed a problem with the knife where the equip animation would play after every attack.

+ Fixed a bug where bots would continuously join and leave a 12 player game set to the balanced 25% bot mode.
+ Quick Match default bot mode now set at balanced instead of balanced 25%.
+ Bots will now attempt to defend nearby human squad members, particularly in Swarm mode.
+ Improved bot intelligence.
+ Players may now lock bots into squads.
+ Bots will no longer be added to teams during conclusion mode at the end of a match.

+ Fixed a bug which would cause the DCM HUD to show up as blank in high latency situations.
+ Carried actors will now be returned to their starting location when they enter an unreachable location.
+ Fixed convoy DCM HUD showing “escort playerName” when a player would join a server after the convoy DCM had started.
+ Improved the logic behind awarding DCM participants score based on their participation.
+ Adjusted DCM spawning behavior in regards to AA turret locations.
+ Reduced the amount of damage taken by DCM actors from AA turrets.
+ Convoy will now always be oriented with the dropship that is delivering it.

+ Added a jump delay of .85 seconds.
+ Fixed a problem where score could still accumulate during conclusion mode at the end of a match.
+ Resources will no longer be immediately replenished when a user interacts with a supply depot.

+ Increased Default Sensitivity from 35% to 40%.
+ Fixed a bug which prevented players from being able to navigate the multiplayer settings screen on controllers 2-4.
+ The loadout screen will now close if a player moves outside of the supply depot’s usage range.
+ Fixed a problem where players could interact with usable objects through walls in certain situations.
+ Fixed a problem where a user’s camera would get stuck in matinee mode at the beginning of a match.
+ TacNet Spawn tab will now default to the previously selected spawn method.
+ Lock-On now aborts when line of sight is lost
+ Dropping: improved accuracy of the braking threshold

+ Fixed a bug where the purchasing menu would close if the player cycled immediately upon opening the menu.
+ Fixed a problem where the purchasing menu would flash red while closing.
+ Fixed weapon being re-equipped after purchasing an item under very high lag.
+ Purchasing beacon will now always orient itself vertically.
+ Fixed a bug that was preventing users from destroying their own deployables when attempting to purchase a new deployable if the team was at the team limit.

+ Fixed a problem where players would get a bad third person camera if the match ended while they were dropping.
+ Fixed a problem where players would get a bad third person camera if the match ended while they were at the TacNet screen.
+ Added a new death camera view for when you are drop killed

+ Automatch: several improvements to reduce time to get into a game, and to fix situations where automatch would fail despite servers being available.
+ Fixed bug that was capping the number of favorite servers to 9 instead of 10.
+ Server search results are now prioritized by player count.
+ Fixed map cycle issue that was preventing servers from proceeding to the next map correctly.
+ Fixed a bug where canceling an automatch search would sometimes not work correctly.
+ Fixed a problem where the loading screen would display the incorrect number of maximum players.
+ Added messaging that informs a player why they were disconnected when a disconnect happens.

+ Records will now be shown during conclusion mode at the end of a match.
+ Fixed a stats problem where time played was being doubled.

+ Fixed problem where map cycle would not work without modifying a config
+ Added a map cycle validation check which prevents servers from being launched with an invalid map cycle.
+ Corrected some problems related to adjusting the number of bots after changing the bot mode.

+ Fixed a bug that was preventing certain achievements from being awarded despite satisfying the requirements.
+ Fixed an exploit in spectator mode that would allow players to follow players on the other team.

+ Fixed a bug where text overlapped in Italian for “Reset Loadout.”
+ Moved Italian text “For Expert Users” so it is next to the “custom” install option.
+ Changed French host “HOTE” to “HÉRBERGE.”
+ Fixed translation of French “Kicked for idling” message.
+ Updated the “With all due Haste” achievement descriptions in French and Italian.

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