E3 2010: Xbox 360 Slim Propietary HDD

In a big announcement at E3 today we saw the new Xbox 360 Slim looking all shiny and black coming with wireless N, 250 Gb HDD and a much smaller case. It is available now for all those gamers looking for new hardware but in a look behind the scenes Aaron Greenberg showed how the HDD worked. The HDD on the new system is completely different than the previous iterations and is not a normal laptop HDD that can be easily removed via a bay in the back of the system. Aaron also showed the interface for the Kinect on the back of the system.

What does this mean for gamers? You will not be able to switch out your HDD easily and upgrade to a 1 Tb drive or bigger without buying it directly from Microsoft. The big HDD is cool but it is a bit of a shame that they went the propietary route and did not leave it as a normal laptop HDD like the Playstation 3.

We will be trying to get more specs and hands on with it shortly so stay tuned for more info.

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Jon Ireson

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