Xbox 360 Version of The Witcher 2 Dated and Detailed. It Looks Fantastic.

Xbox 360 Version of The Witcher 2 Dated and Detailed. It Looks Fantastic.

It’s been a long time since the initial announcement of the development of The Witcher 2 on Xbox 360, but now the day of reckoning is near, as the worldwide release of the console version of the game will happen on April the 17th, bringing the joy of one of the best PC games published last year to Xbox 360 owners.

The Xbox 360 version of the game, aptly named “Enchanced Edition” won’t be a simple port, but a complete adaptation built from the ground up to  juice the resources of the aging console as much as possible. It will include a new intro, new quests, locations, NPCs and cutscenes to considerably expand (by about four hours) the story of the original game.  

The interface and controls have also been improved to better fit the Xbox 360, including a new targeting system, enhanced camera controls and improved menus, on top of a level of graphical glitz that makes most Xbox 360 games pale in shame.

Despite the name the “Enhanced Edition” will actually be the basic version of the game, with the usual standard edition pricing, but including the original soundtrack, a map and a Quest Handbook. For the lovers of novelty items a Dark Edition will also be available, including the content of the enchanced edition plus three stickers, an artbook and Geralt’s wolf head medallion.

PC gamers that already own the game shouldn’t worry, as they will receive all the digital content included in the Enhanced edition as a free download on the same day. Conversely the Xbox 360 version will include all the DLCs released on the PC in the past.

For those that prefer not to wait and to enjoy the superior graphics of the PC version, the game is available on with a 15% discount for a limited time.

You can see the new trailer and a few screenshots of the enhanced edition below.