Xbox's Aaron Greenberg "Optimistic" About Cross-Platform with PS4; Talks Relationship with Nintendo

Aaron Greenberg explains how the cross-platform gameplay partnership with Nintendo came to be and is optimistic that it'll happen with Sony at some point.

November 2, 2017

Microsoft’s recently opened up to cross-platform gameplay between Xbox One and other consoles, bringing Minecraft players together, including those on Nintendo Switch. On the other hand, Sony Interactive Entertainment appears to have closed the door to the possibility, despite what appeared to be an initial positive approach when it was about mixing it up with PC gamers.

In order to gain more insight on this complex situation, DualShockers asked  Xbox Games Marketing General Manager Aaron Greenberg about his outlook on future developments.

He mentioned that Microsoft is absolutely talking to Sony, and that “there are good guys over there,” which is why he trusts that in time they’ll find a way to make it work.

From Microsoft’s standpoint, they have “built the bridge to connect gamers,” and the focus is to put the gamers first when making this kind of key decisions. They’re excited to work with Nintendo, and definitely would like Sony to be part of it as well.

Ultimately it’s Sony’s decision to make, but he is “optimistic” that cross-platform gameplay with PS4 will eventually happen.

Asked how did the deal with Nintendo come to be, Greenberg explained that Microsoft has a very good relationship with the house of Mario and Zelda. They have been partnering with them on Minecraft for some time, and a lot of people don’t realize that Nintendo’s U.S. headquarters are a short walk from Xbox’s offices, so they can simply walk to each other’s place and have lunch together.

In many cases, according to Greenberg, a lot of these decisions are just about communication and sharing a mutual understanding of what each party’s concerns are, and of what they can offer, while figuring out what makes sense.

He feels that the closeness and regular communication has benefited the relationship between Microsoft and Nintendo, and they have been great to work with from the very beginning.

Greenberg also added that at Xbox they’re “frankly all Nintendo fanboys.” They love their products, they love what they’re doing with the Switch, and it’s a “great platform to bring Minecraft to.”

Ultimately, interfacing with Nintendo has been “really easy” for Microsoft, and they have been great partners, with no big resistance on either side.

Speaking of collaborating with other console manufacturers, Greenberg also mentioned that Microsoft would be “absolutely” ok with Sony or Nintendo using Azure’s cloud services on their games, or with the cloud being used on titles on those platforms.

He explained that Azure offers cloud services for whatever infrastructure needed for any company’s business. Nowadays so many games are based on cloud services, and Azure is delivering a best-in-class solution for that.

Of course, you can expect to read the full interview soon here on DualShockers. For now, you can also read what Greenberg shared about the situation of Xbox One X pre-orders.

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