Xbox Adaptive Controller's Accessible Packaging Revealed in Unboxing Video

Microsoft has unveiled the packaging for the Xbox Adaptive Controller, and it looks to be just as accessible as the controller itself.

July 25, 2018

Microsoft unveiled the Xbox Adaptive Controller, an accessible controller for gamers with disabilities, back in May. Today, an unboxing video for the controller was released, and it showcases how the controller will come in accessible packaging when it releases in September.

The designers of the controller’s packaging at PAC Design knew that those ordering the Xbox Adaptive Controller may have limited mobility, so they designed its packaging around that, as they knew that it would be the first thing their customers experience after purchasing the controller. During the development of the packaging, feedback was also received from the controller’s beta testers.

Ultimately, they settled on packaging that can be opened without teeth, something people with little mobility resort to when opening something is difficult, and something that lacked twist ties, zip cords, and paper that could potentially cut someone. The package unfolds with minimal resistance, and incorporates several loops into the design for people to latch onto.  It also has an open cavity under the controller so individuals can get it out in the way that best suits them.

It’s awesome to see Microsoft try to make gaming more accessible with this new controller, and it’s also great to see that mindset carry over to the Xbox Adaptive Controller’s packaging, something often glossed over by the common consumer.

You can check out the controller’s unboxing video below. The Xbox Adaptive Controller will be available $99.99 when it releases this September, though it can currently be pre-ordered on Microsoft’s store. 

Tomas Franzese

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