Xbox Adaptive Controller is Now Available to Pre-Order

Microsoft's upcoming new accessibility device, the Xbox Adaptive Controller, can now be pre-ordered from the Microsoft Store ahead of its November release.

on June 11, 2018 8:20 PM

Just a few weeks ago, Microsoft unveiled a new piece of hardware — the Xbox Adaptive Controller — that not only provides an accessible and affordable piece of control input for gamers with disabilities, but more importantly is hoping to make gaming a more inclusive place for those with mental and physical impairments to enjoy it, as the controller can now be ordered.

Microsoft has announced today during E3 2018 that the Xbox Adaptive Controller is now available to pre-order exclusively from the Microsoft Store for $99.99, ahead of its planned release this fall.

The device itself is intended to be plugged into a variety of accessibility devices targeted towards gamers in a way that can be affordable and convenient for those with mental and physical impairments.

Along with providing gamers with disabilities a way to enjoy the medium to their own comfortability, Xbox head Phil Spencer expressed that he hopes that the controller will, in the long run, help to drive the gaming industry as a whole towards inclusivity and adapting games (and hardware) to suit the needs of those unable.

As Microsoft has been developing the device as far back as 2014, Microsoft has clearly been putting time and energy into finding a way to make gaming a more accessible hobby, and with the Adaptive Controller’s release this fall, that will hopefully be the case.

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