Xbox App’s Game DVR for Windows 10 Gets a FAQ: Explains How it Works, Requirements and Controls

on June 5, 2015 3:27 PM

Windows 10 will include a rather extensive Xbox App, an among its features there’s a spiffy Game DVR similar to the one implemented on the Xbox One.

But how does it work? Microsoft posted a handy FAQ on the private insider program forums, giving a detailed glimpse on the ins and outs of the feature, including requirements and controls.

Keep in mind that this FAQ is related to the technical preview build of Windows 10, so some things may change come release on July 29th. That said, it can definitely give a good idea of what we can expect.

Game DVR on PC: Frequently asked questions
This applies to Windows 10 build # 10122 and higher, and version # 5.5.20022.0 of the Xbox app.

 What are the keyboard shortcuts for Game bar?

  • Win + G: Open Game bar
  • Win + Alt + G: Record the last 30 seconds (you can change the amount of time recorded in Game bar > Settings)
  • Win + Alt + R: Start/stop recording
  • Win + Alt + Print Screen: Take a screenshot of your game
  • Win + Alt + T: Show/hide recording timer

You also have the option to add your own shortcuts. To do that, open the Xbox app and go to >Settings > Game DVR > Keyboard shortcuts.

What hardware do I need to use Game bar?

Game bar is available on all Windows 10 PCs. But to record game clips, you need one of these video cards:

  • AMD 7900 series and newer
  • Intel HD Graphics 4000 and newer
  • NVidia GTX 600 series and newer

To check the video card on your PC, go to the search box on the taskbar and search for “Device Manager.”  In Device Manager, expand Display adapters.

If your PC can’t record game clips, you’ll see a message that lets you know it won’t work.

How do I record a game if it’s full screen?

For PC games in full-screen mode (sometimes called full-screen exclusive or full-screen), you can use Win + Alt + G  to record the last 30 seconds (if you changed the amount of time that’s recorded, Game DVR will record whatever time you picked) and Win + Alt + R  to start and stop recording. You’ll see the screen flash when the recording is done. In some PC games in full-screen mode, you can also use Win + G to open Game bar.

What do I do if nothing happens when I press Win+G?

  • Make sure you have the latest Xbox app update installed. You can verify version number by going to Xbox app > Settings > General > About. The version number should be 5.5.20022.0.
  • Check your Game DVR settings: Open the Xbox app > Settings > Game DVR, and make sure that the Record game clips and screenshots using Game DVR setting is on.
  • Make sure the game isn’t full screen only (sometimes called full-screen exclusive or full-screen). Right now, you can use Game bar for some full-screen games, but not all.
  • The Windows logo key might not work with the game. Some games ignore the Windows logo key, so Win+G won’t work with those. If that’s the case, try adding your own shortcuts. Go to the Xbox app > Settings > Game DVR > Keyboard shortcuts to get started.

Where are my game clips and screenshots?

Game clips are saved in File Explorer > Videos > Game DVR. Screenshots are saved in File Explorer >Videos > Captures. We’ll be moving clips and screenshots to a new folder in a future update.

Recording only worked once or twice – how do I fix it?

Sometimes, a recording doesn’t end correctly.  When that happens, you need to restart Game DVR to fix the problem.  Here’s how:

  1. Close the game, then go to the search box on the taskbar and search for “Task Manager.”
  2. In Task Manager, select the Broadcast DVR server (bcastdvr.exe) process (if it’s still there) and select End task.
  3. Restart the game and try recording again.

We’re working on a fix for this in a future update.

Why don’t the keyboard shortcuts for Game bar work?

It might be because some games ignore the Windows logo key.  But you can add your own keyboard shortcuts that don’t use it. To do that, open the Xbox app and go to > Settings > Game DVR >Keyboard shortcuts.

And some games block all keys, so keyboard shortcuts won’t work at all in those games.

Why are my game clips so dark?

If you used keyboard shortcuts to record games that are full-screen only (sometimes called full-screen exclusive or full-screen), the clips might be dark. We’re working on fixing this for a future update.

My game clips are blank; what happened?

Some games don’t allow recordings.  If that’s the case, the captures will be blank.

Why can’t I take a screenshot?

This can happen for a couple of reasons.  If the game you’re playing is full-screen only (sometimes called full-screen exclusive or full-screen), screenshots won’t work.  And if you have any protected content open on your PC, your screenshot might be blank.

Why does my mouse get stuck while using Game bar?

If you can’t move your mouse after you use Game bar, press the Windows logo key or Alt + Tab to leave the game, then come back to it. This is a known issue that will be fixed in a future update.

It’ll definitely be interesting to see how far Microsoft will push the Xbox One App, but having tried it quite extensively, I can definitely say that it’s promising.

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