Xbox (Beta) Store on PC Has Added Mod Support for Games

The Xbox (Beta) store on PC has finally released an update that will allow players to enable modding support for games that allow them.

For those who are unaware, the Xbox (Beta) application on PC is how Xbox Game Pass owners access their games on their PC as well as other titles that have not been put onto Steam as of yet. Users of the beta have been asking for some mod support for quite some time now, and it has now officially come to the software.

Microsoft did announce a while ago that it would implement mods into the store’s delivery system. The latest update on the Xbox (Beta) app has shown us the first glimpse of what that looks like.

Per Windows Central, as of right now, the only game available that supports the new feature is Into the Breach, an indie strategy game developed by Subset Games. On the store page for the game, there is a new option titled “Enable Mods,” which will pop open a warning box that explains what a mod is and that Microsoft accepts no responsibility if the mod breaks a game or goes against the game’s age rating.

The Xbox (beta) client still doesn’t have an official mod store as of yet. If you would like to install them you will need to find them somewhere else. Just make sure when more games allow mods through the store that you will need to click that option “Enable Mods” I mentioned above.

The modding community is a passionate one so I am happy to see that the store is adding this new feature. It just makes me glad to think about more and more people eventually being able to experience the Macho Man mod for Skyrim. I have still never seen a better mod to this day. Ok, maybe the Thomas the Tank Engine mods beat it out.


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