Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Apologizes for Scalebound’s Cancellation; Talks First Party Games and More

Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Apologizes for Scalebound’s Cancellation; Talks First Party Games and More

Microsoft's Xbox Division Head Phil Spencer apologized on Twitter for Scaleboun'd scancellation, also talking about Microsoft's first party game lineup.

Microsoft’s Xbox Division Head Phil Spencer made a few statements today on his Twitter account, addressing further the cancellation of PlatinumGames’ Scalebound, while defining some of the remaining games in the works at Microsoft’s first party studios or published by Microsoft Game Studios an opportunity to create new things.

First and foremost, Spencer admitted that the cancellation of Scalebound hurt him as well, and apologized to the community, mentioning that he’d like every game the company starts to turn out great and to create diversity.

On the theme of diversity, Spencer feels that it’s great that Crackdown 3, State of Decay and Sea of Thieves are getting attention, as they’re an opportunity to build new things.

Update: Later, he specifically pointed at Sea of Thieves as something completely new, which according to Spencer has a real opportunity to surprise a of of gamers.

He also mentioned that starting new projects remains a critical mission for the company, and the issue with Scalebound is a learning experience for him.

That said, he pledged that the focus on building a great first party lineup is not changing.

In response to a user that alleged that Microsoft doesn’t have any first party studios left beside Rare, Spencer brought up Minecraft‘s developer Mojang.

Spencer also mentioned Quantum Break (in addition to ReCore) as an example of the fact that Microsoft doesn’t just publish multiplayer games.

Last, but not least, Spencer mentioned that he likes the idea of bringing back IPs from the era of the original Xbox, asking fans which among those IPs they think have the most potential nowadays.

Scalebound‘s cancellation was announced by Microsoft Game Studios just two days ago, and causing a lot of negative reaction among fans. To this moment, we still have no clear information on what happened, and it’s unlikely that we will any time soon.

On the day of the event, Spencer called it a “difficult decision,” but he also mentioned his belief that the outcome is better for Xbox gamers. Earlier today, he also hinted that it wasn’t simply a matter of money.

On the other side of the issue both Platinum Games and Directior Hideki Kamiya commented  today on the cancellation of the game as well, expressing disappointment and apologizing to the fans, while promising to keep working hard to bring us more high-quality games.