Xbox Boss Proud of Showcasing Games with 2016 Release Dates; Says Microsoft Isn’t Being Bettered by Sony

on June 15, 2016 5:59 AM

During an interview with, Xbox boss Phil Spencer defended Microsoft Studios against accusations that Sony is doing a better job at bringing titles to its customers.

“When I look at this year, I’ll just take the E3 conferences… we showed four big games launching exclusively on Xbox One and Windows 10” said Spencer. When I think about Gears, Forza Horizon, ReCore, Dead Rising 4 – all of those games are launching this year and they’ve been announced, there are dates next to them.”

This is undoubetly referencing the fact that Sony had a distinct lack of 2016 releases, and most games were just listed as “in development.”

Spencer continued:

“When I watch the other platforms, it’s not always clear to me when the games are shipping or how many of them are shipping this year. I think about Sea of Thieves; I think about Scalebound; I think about Halo Wars 2; we’ve got Crackdown coming; we’ve got State of Decay 2 which we showed on stage. I’m really proud of the line-up that the studios have and we continue to deliver year-in and year-out.”

Spencer concluded:

“To say that the other consoles are doing a better job shipping more games for their customer… I don’t see that. And I see what the other first-party is doing – Uncharted was an amazing game. I think Naughty Dog did a great job. I’m sure Last Guardian, when it ships this year, will be great, but I just look at the line-up and the quantity and the quality that our team’s been shipping and I feel really good about that.”

Bad at video games, decent at writing.