Xbox Boss Thinks VR is not a Fad; Comments on Shenmue, Brute Force and Indies

Xbox Boss Thinks VR is not a Fad; Comments on Shenmue, Brute Force and Indies

A few days ago former Microsoft Vice President of Game Publishing and current Ouya advisor Ed Fries voiced skepticism about the lasting mainstream appeal of virtual reality, but today the newly appointed Xbox division head honcho Phil Spencer gave an different opinion on the issue, also promising that free to play games are going to happen on Xbox One.

I don’t believe VR is a fad. More exclusives makes sense. F2P will be on XBOX One, works better as IB grows. Ed’s smart.

Spencer also mentioned that there are no current plans to bring back the old Xbox franchise Brute Force, adding that he personally didn’t like the game all that much:

No plans at the moment. I actually wasn’t a huge fan of the game, what is it that you want in us bringing it back.

He also promised that we’re going to see  a steady flow of indie games on Xbox as the ID@Xbox program gets going:

We showed and announced a bunch at GDC. As the program gets going you’ll see a steady flow of ID games.

Spencer finally went back on the Shenmue-related dialogue, that seems to be a recurring factor in his conversations, mentioning that it’s unlikely that one of Microsoft’s first party studios will work on it. Of course he didn’t explicitly deny that it could come from Sega itself:

There is just no winning in answering Shenmue questions. I’m not likely to have one of our first party studios build Shenmue.

I’d welcome Shenmue on XBOX, just not something our first party is going to build.

The #SaveShenmue is strong….

He also expressed a measure of regret for answering questions about Shenmue, as it obviously created expectations.

I knew it was trouble to start answer Shenmue questions. I’d rather have us focusing on our own franchises.

#SaveShenmue is strong indeed, but we’ll have to see if it’ll be strong enough to convince Sega that it’s a good idea to bring the series back. Considering that the publisher lost the trademark recently because it didn’t really bother using it, I’m not so sure about that, but a man can hope and dream, can’t he?