Report: Next Xbox Consoles Codenamed "Anaconda" and "Lockhart"

Fueling speculation that next-generation consoles are arriving soon, reports and rumors point towards Xbox codenames "Anaconda" and "Lockhart."

Microsoft is reportedly planting flags for their next-generation hardware, with reports apparently revealing the codenames for the company’s next gaming machines. “Anaconda” and “Lockhart” have emerged, with Microsoft reporting to repeat the same Xbox One X and Xbox One S dynamic with one higher-end machine complimented by an affordable lower-end one.

According to Windows Central, the pair of consoles is due for release during holiday 2020. The “Lockhart” SKU would have hardware comparable to that of the Xbox One X, with the higher-end “Anaconda” said to be even more powerful than either—both these new consoles are said to be backward compatible with previous Xbox games.

Previous reports and rumors had the next family of Xbox consoles under a “Scarlett” codename. Until then, a disc-less Xbox One S is rumored for release in 2019. In contrast to all of these rumors and reports is Project xCloud, which has since been officially unveiled by Microsoft. It is the company’s primary effort to popularize game streaming, competing with other services in early stages such as Google’s Project Stream.

Should the reports be true, prepare to hear these codenames thrown around back and forth in future coverage of next-generation hardware. I’m still oddly nostalgic about “Scorpio” and “Durango,” and even going all the way back to “Revolution” for the Wii.

In other Xbox news, Xbox head Phil Spencer shared his thoughts on the company’s 2018 performance in an extensive interview.

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