Forza Horizon 2’s World is Mich Bigger than Forza Horizon’s: 3x Drivable Area

on June 4, 2014 12:14 PM

Forza Horizon had a big, lovely world for players to explore, but Forza Horizon 2 will have a much more expansive area to enjoy, as explained by Creative Director Ralph Fulton in an interview on IGN.

It’s bigger in terms of the miles of road you’ll find there, it’s bigger in terms of the overall area but, most importantly, we’ve found it’s bigger in terms of the drivable area – the places you can actually go and explore,” he says. “Three times bigger, actually.

And the impact of this on gameplay is virtually immeasurable. Just being able to leave the road, wherever you choose. To take the path untrodden. That opens up entirely new dimensions of gameplay to the player. I think the thing that’s excited us most as we’ve created this game is discovering just how much of a sense of freedom we can give the player.

The same interview also mentions that the game will run at 1080p on Xbox One, with a locked framerate of 30 frames per second.

Personally, I absolutely loved the open world of Forza Horizon, but a few pesky barriers and semi-invisible walls were indeed a bit irritating. It’s great to hear that PlayGround Games is taking care of the problem by extending the drivable area and giving is more freedom of movement in the game.

I can definitely say that Forza Horizon 2 has instantly jumped near the top of my most anticipated games for this year.  Driving games and open world games are two of my favorite genres, and their mix is simply a match made in heaven.

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