Xbox Fans Are Already Waiting to Get Their Tickets For Microsoft’s E3 2016 FanFest [UPDATED]

Xbox Fans Are Already Waiting to Get Their Tickets For Microsoft’s E3 2016 FanFest [UPDATED]

There are still four hours to go for the official opening of the line to get the tickets for Xbox’s E3 2016 FanFest, but many fans are already at the Microsoft Store at Westfield Century City in Los Angeles to hold their spot.

The first fans were already there a whopping 22 hours ago, more than a day before the opening of the line, which is rather impressive dedication, considering that while the line will open tonight, tickets won’t be distributed until tomorrow at 11 AM when the store opens. This makes for a whopping 37 hours of waiting.

Since then, more have started to join the party:

There is even room for some gaming:

Since the waiting is gonna be long, Microsoft has prepared some comfort food:

Now, four hours before the line opens, the numbers are starting to grow.

There are only 500 tickets available for FanFest, so it’s definitely understandable that the most passionate fans went there well ahead of time. Those who will get a ticket will gain free access to Microsoft’s press briefing on top of several other events, and a backpack full of goodies.

UPDATE: later in the night, Xbox Division Head Phil Spencer, Games Marketing Head Aaron Greenberg and Xbox Live Director of Programming Larry hryb showed up to greet the fans and distribute hamburgers and chips, while hundreds lucky gamers prepared to spend the night outside waiting for their tickets. Unfortunately, not everyone could get in, but that’s the nature of the beast.

[Pictures courtesy of Twitter users O P S I DWoggermanMDnIghtEr20CPeter Sark, AceyBongosBrent Gardner and Chris Poirier @ E3]