New Xbox Game Pass Subscribers May Get 3 Months of Discord Nitro

New Xbox Game Pass Subscribers May Get 3 Months of Discord Nitro

Could a new cross-promotion between Microsoft and Discord be on the way?

It looks like there may be a new promotion on the horizon for new Xbox Game Pass users as Neowin has reported that it received a tip showing a “string” from messaging service Discord indicating a new promotion.

According to the tip from Mishaal Rahman, a string that was uncovered through Discord’s 9.8.3 beta for Android devices seems to indicate that Game Pass subscribers will get 3 months of Nitro for free. You can find the string below.

string name=”xbox_game_pass_promotion_redeem_body”Since you have Xbox Game Pass, you get 3 months of Nitro for free!/string
string name=”xbox_game_pass_promotion_existing_subscriber_body”Sorry, only new subscribers are eligible for this offer./string
string name=”xbox_game_pass_promotion_existing_subscriber_title”Oh no!/string
string name=”xbox_game_pass_promotion_account_credit_body””Since you have a boost subscription, we’ll give you Nitro subcription credit. Nitro credit will be applied when you subscribe to **%1$s**.”/string
string name=”xbox_game_pass_promotion_account_credit_button”Redeem/string
string name=”xbox_game_pass_promotion_account_credit_confirm_body”You now have Nitro Credit! Subscribe to **%1$s** today to apply your Nitro credit./string
string name=”xbox_game_pass_promotion_account_credit_confirm_title”Nice!/string
string name=”xbox_game_pass_promotion_account_credit_title”Subscription Credit/string

Strings are data types used in programming, and as the above shows, it appears that players who get a Game Pass subscription will be getting 3 months of Discord’s subscription service, Nitro for free. The second line does seem to indicate that only new subscribers are eligible, which seems similar to the recent cross-promotion with Spotify Premium and Microsoft.

Without more information, we don’t know if the promotion is limited to specific subscriptions. For example, customers can grab the Xbox Game Pass service for both PC and Xbox on its own, or they can grab the Game Pass PC service. They’re also able to get Game Pass Ultimate which includes the entire Game Pass PC and console service as well as Xbox Live Gold.

Discord Nitro is usually available for $9.99 a month and adds more features to the chat service, such as higher quality screen sharing, custom emojis that can be used in all servers, a larger upload limit, and more that can be read here.

We’ll be keeping eyes peeled for an official announcement from either Microsoft, Discord, or both!