Xbox Game Pass Has Half Subscribers Of PlayStation Plus, Despite Its Offerings

April 7, 2022

Xbox Game Pass might offer a lot to subscribers, but it is still halfway as popular as PlayStation Plus according to a recent report.

We have witnessed the console wars heating up quite a bit in the past few months, with both Sony and Microsoft going all out to assert their dominance. While the last generation was clearly dominated by Sony, Microsoft has taken some surprising decisions to boost its ecosystem. After the massive acquisition of Bethesda, Microsoft acquired Activision earlier this year, which sent shockwaves in the gaming industry. Sony had to retaliate, and we witnessed yet another surprising announcement, with Bungie becoming a part of Sony’s impressive PlayStation family.

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The only thing that was lacking was a good answer to Xbox Game Pass, and we knew for a fact that Sony was definitely cooking something. Sony finally revealed its revamped PlayStation Plus a few days ago, offering players backward compatible games, a library of free titles, and a plethora of other benefits.

Xbox Game Pass Has Half Subscribers Of PlayStation Plus, Despite Its Offerings

On paper, the Xbox Game Pass seems much more valuable from the subscriber’s standpoint. Considering that you get all Xbox first-party games on day one, which is something the PlayStation Plus doesn’t feature, it is indeed quite a good buy for not only Xbox owners, but PC players as well. And while Xbox might look very lucrative on paper, the numbers say a totally different thing altogether.

As noted by @Zuby_Tech on Twitter, the Xbox Game Pass has around 25 million subscribers (via The PlayStation Plus, on the other hand, has around 48 million subscribers(via, with the PlayStation Now boasting another 3.2 million subscribers. If we merge the two, we are looking at somewhere around 51 million subscribers, which is more than twice what the Xbox Game Pass has. What’s even notable is the fact that even the Nintendo Switch Online has much more subscribers than the Xbox Game Pass, with a 32 million-strong subscriber count.

While numbers might look a tad disappointing, Xbox is definitely looking to make the Game Pass a longer-term project. We haven’t witnessed a lot of Microsoft’s acquired developers releasing some big titles for now, and once that happens, these numbers might change. Until then, PlayStation seems to be in the driving seat.

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